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Vernon Rich
05-15-2011 12:32:18 PM CST

Erin, Look closely, the signatures of "The Amigos". How cool is that?!

vernon rich
05-15-2011 12:28:10 PM CST

Earthwinds capsule in Reno at Stead in 2005.

Vernon Rich
05-15-2011 12:23:09 PM CST

At this point I must appoligize for the bulk of the photos I'm posting all at once. But these are great snapshots of some of my favorite times in lifes path. And whos right there? Why Erin Porter, "Queen of Air"!

Vernon Rich   vernonfrich@gmail.com
05-15-2011 12:01:05 PM CST

Vernon Sr., Erin, Barron, and the welder

Vernon Rich   vernonfrich@gmail.com
05-15-2011 12:00:12 PM CST

Darlene and Vernon Rich
05-15-2011 11:54:39 AM CST

Well happy birthday kid! Hope we can all make Reno this year for a toast to our good fortune to have all crossed paths in this crazy life! Mucho Amor, Mom,Dar. Vernon Sr. and VR

CherBear   cspole@me.com
05-14-2011 7:44:24 PM CST

oops forgot to attach a somewhat recent pic! Happy Birthday Erin!! Love all the Poles!!

CherBear   cspole@me.com
05-14-2011 6:40:02 PM CST

Hey ErBear! HAPPY BIG 5-0!! Ahh, seems like just a few years back we were living on 73rd street in the Barrio, next door to scratchy foot Lorraine...Such great times....such great laughs! Yeah, we haven't seen each other in years, but I can't tell you how often the thought of you brings a big smile to my face: your answering machine messages! The great stories of flying, The many tales of here and there...the fun times out at night in our 20's...remember when you literally got hit by a car ( and knocked over) when we were walking to dinner on 5th avenue?? The Phoenix Gran Prix?? Your spirit, attitude and exuberance for life is envied by all; your quick witted humor is by far one of the very best; but most of all your beautiful smile, your kindness and your caring heart is what I love most about you! You've got it all going ER!!! ;o) happy happy -- I love ya tons -- near or far, you are always in my heart! cherbear

Prisca   prisca@alum.mit.edu
05-14-2011 11:34:27 AM CST

Happy Birthday! and here's to another 50! xox Kim and Prisca Tory and Helen

Holly VanLeuven   hgvanleuven@cox.net
05-13-2011 3:18:34 PM CST

Happy Birthday, dear Erin! How lucky am I to have gone through these 50 years with you!!! You have made me so proud to be your mother, through good times and those not so good. You bring beauty and brains to a new level. That you are hilariously funny, hard-working, gifted in multiple areas and compassionate too is just extra frosting on the birthday cake (the cake that for personal reasons we will just LOOK at!). Love always, Mom

The Drew   a.m.Stass@gmail.com
05-13-2011 2:53:48 PM CST
Happy Birthday Erin! You must come over again soon! I miss you! The Drew x

Brenda & Steve   wissbrod@gmail.com
05-10-2011 12:17:52 PM CST

Aloha - happy 50th - Here is a little picture to illustrate you always get the party started! Here to another trip around the sun.

Bingee   jimbell@realtyagent.com
05-10-2011 9:24:29 AM CST
Wishing you a Happy 5oTH Birthday Erin & many, many, more to come with good health & much Wealth!!!!! Jim Bell AKA Bingee

Bill Black
05-08-2011 7:07:37 PM CST
To Erin on her fiftieth, Oh to be just two score and fifty again, lucky you! We’ve fought many battles together, you and I, but always shoulder-to-shoulder, never face-to-face. I’ve loved being your friend for half your life, and I still say you’re the smartest, most capable female I’ve ever met. Suzan and I wish we could be with you to celebrate, but here’s a toast to you in absentia: Many, many happy returns! With love, Bill Black.

Johnny Bro
05-08-2011 2:05:04 PM CST
Aunt Ernie! Happy 50th birthday! A long time ago at 7115 N. Mockingbird someone taught me how to do division, and while I probably didn't fully get it at the time, I have a pretty strong grasp on it now! 22 years ago you were there when I was born. 12 years later you taught me how to sell peanuts. When I was 10 you picked me up from camp and was almost detained because "my parents were tied up in Rochester." And when I was 6 we watched the OJ chase at your apartment. If you add all those up and divide by your age it equals 1, and that is who you are to me! My favorite aunt! Have a great day! Love, Johnny bro

Alison   alisonmcadam@gmail.com
05-04-2011 10:01:26 PM CST

Dearest 50 Year Young Sister, It has been my great joy to put this website together on behalf of our family. You are the website pro, and I missed your input every step of the way. It rekindled so many fun memories of our life together. I consider myself one of the luckiest humans on the planet, that I got the honor of being your one and only biological sister. I love you most, Ali Bon Fleek

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