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Any old place I can hang my hat is home sweet home to me.

William Jerome


Erin has led a life rich with travel and wonderful places to call home.  This page will take you to some of her favorites.



 This is the first home she really remembers!!

1611 Pontiac Drive in East Grand Rapids, Michigan


The Porter Family spent their summers at two beautiful spots --


--at Grammy and Grampa Porter's cottage "Charleview" on the shores of Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan...


....and beautiful Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, to visit Gram and Gramp Goodhue


 In 1969, the Porter Family purchased Little Barndoor Island (pictured above) on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. 


 It was a beautiful summer spot and they owned it for 10 memorable years.


Erin remembers saying, "I'm not sure...."

when people asked what the name of our boat meant?


Here is fourth grader Erin enjoying the balmy

island breezes with Nat, Alison and her father, John


The Porter kids waterskied every day they could,

but no one could do it like Brother Donny


A typical Little Barndoor Island view


Nat, Er and Al taking in the view of "The Broads",

not what you think -- it's the widest part of Lake Winni!



 After attending school in East Grand Rapids and a very brief sixteen week stint at Coopersville High School, Alison and Erin headed off to Kingswood School Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where they were boarding students


Life in the Kingswood Dorm was a lot of fun. Erin was President of the Senior Class, but that did not slow her up in creating trouble and having fun. 


Then it was on to Gainsville, Florida where Erin was a Gator




Then on to Denver Colorado where Erin's work with Harry Combs took her to live at the Arizona Inn in Tucson, AZ




 This was about the time Erin ran for and won the Miss U-Haul Beauty Contest, and adopted the slogan 'A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss'.

There was a short stint in St. Louis, MO


Back to Scottsdale where Erin lived in 'The Barrio' and worked for America West Airlines



The Barrio was a value driven decision. Rent was $175 per month and she was right around the corner from Scottsdale Fashion Square, on the canal!!  Here are her roommates, Cheryl and Sven Pole, trying on the 'White Trash Wannabe' look!!



The Ballooning phase had Erin living in Beverly Hills, CA,



This is the Goodyear Blimp Hangar in Akron, OH near where Erin lived, as it was home for the first Earthwinds balloon attempts in 1992.


After Akron Erin had a little slice of heaven, living in Manhattan Beach, California



And on to one of the more interesting, funny places to live, The Reno Hilton.  Erin lived there for over a year.  Room service and the daily maid service were great, but living in a casino, not so great.  There was an actual operations plant underneath the hotel that was bigger than some cities.



Then it was on to London, England to work for Richard Branson. Erin lived in two really cool places there, one was Alex Lindsey's flat that had been converted from a warehouse, and the other spot was a house-sitting gig at a beautiful home that backed up to Regents Park.

Back to Scottsdale, AZ, for a few years, then on to downtown Minneapolis, MN, with John.


This is the Outer Banks/Kill Devil Hill, NC, area where Erin moved for one year to work on the Wright Brothers Centennial Flight Celebration.

Then back to Minnesota, and her new home in Wayzata

Then with Reactrix, she enjoyed a part time temporary work related stay in Woodside, CA.  It is one of the prettiest, wealthiest, itty bitty towns in Northern California.  



And finally home to her favorite place in the world, Wayzata, MN where she now call home!  This is the view from their home into the backyard and always makes her happy.


Here are a few of Erin's favorite places to visit and spend a great time.



Canoeing on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH



A view of Little Barndoor Island from Keniston Island

Lake Winnipesaukee, NH



The 'Swallow' Boathouse on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH



The Boathouse on Little Barndoor Island,

Lake Winnipesaukee, NH



The view from Chez Danni's in Verbier, Switzerland



The view from the chalet where Erin stayed  in Verbier



Having lunch on the deck in Verbier, Switzerland



A typical lunch with the crazy cast of characters in Verbier



Friends from the nightclub "The Farm" which is a regular stop in Verbier, Switzerland



With John and BJ at Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, CA



This is Erin's friends Tom and Debbie Bliss's cabin in Northern Minnesota.  It is in Burntside Lake and although it is really called Oliver Island, Erin calls it 'The Isle of Bliss'



Barron Hilton's Ranch is 'The Flying M Ranch" and is a place Erin has visited on a regular basis over the years.



Sitting around the pool at 'The Flying M' with Peggy Fossett and some of the gang.



Erin is always up for a road trip.  A favorite is to 'The Scenic Cafe', north of Duluth, MN to enjoy one of their amazing meals.