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I don't have to look up my family tree, because I know that I'm the sap.  ~Fred Allen







This is an early family portrait taken by David LeClaire. This page will show where we have come since then.  Erin and John have canine kids, and her siblings have so LOVED letting her live out the role of Aunt Ernie. In so many ways, Erin is the 'sap' that has held our family together.



Here we are as little gherkins...



Here we are 'On The Couch' in 1961.  This couch is in Alison's home and we reenacted this photo a few years back for Don's 50th and Mom's 70th.



It all started with Erin's Mom and Dad, Holly and John

    Er and Al on the steps at 1611 Pontiac Road - 1963


Re-enactment of the couch shot, all grown up!!



Porter siblings having a ball at Alison's wedding




Some of Erin's family gathered in Scottsdale for Alison's wedding in April 2006



Oldest brother Don and his bride Suzanne



Younger older brother Nat and his college sweetheart and wife of 32 years, Robin.



Sister Alison and her husband Tim McAdam


Erin's Mom Holly and her cousin Ann 'Pete', who has graciously hosted us for so many holidays at her farm in Denton, Maryland


Marrying John, Erin inherited a lovely new branch on her family tree!



Birthday dinner in Vail, CO with John's brother Rand, his girlfriend Tracy, John and sister Alison



John's parents, John and Helen Livingston who were very lovely people and are dearly missed!!!



Helping Helen plant her spring garden



Erin with Helen at The Reno Air Races.  She had more energy that most people half her age!!



Helen always made any birthday special!


And from her siblings Erin got a whole flotilla of nephews and one special niece!!



Don with his sons, John, Evan, and Sam enjoying Christmas at Grandma Holly's



Christmas Dinner at Mom's home is one of the best treats not under the tree.   Here you can see how cute Sam is without his Santa hat!!



For the past few years Erin and John have been having Mom to their home in Wayzata, so they get to have a family Christmas with Nat and Robin and their kids.  From the right is Michael, Sara and Stephen Porter.



And a Christmas Brunch at Erin and John's house, one of her favorite things to do!!



Food seems to be a focal point in our family. 

Here they are at Alison and Tim's eating yet another dinner!


Erin has managed to make many of her nephews and niece's graduations



With nephews Paul and John Dionne at Paul's graduation from 'The' George Washington University in DC





John Dionne's graduation from Western Reserve Academy, Hudson, OH



Paul's graduation from WRA - Boy was that one hot day!!!



Steve Porter's Graduation from Wayzata High School


Time flies -- it seems Er and Steve had just been together

at a family reunion in 2001....



Celebrating Steven's graduation with family and friends



Michael Porter's graduation from the Wayzata High School




Celebrating Nat's birthday with Sara and Robin in Scottsdale!!



The gang gathering at Mom's in Scottsdale, AZ



It's clear that Nat had his own fork on the family tree...



Enjoying yet another meal, this one with Nat and Robin in Minneapolis



Pre-Nup with two of Erin's favorite guys, Jule Dionne and Brother Nat



With Brother Don in DC at an Air and Space Museum event



There is nothing better than going through life with a sister to lean on!!



And two great brothers never hurts either!!!



In Castle Park, MI with Paul and Alison, Nugget and Smooch



Alison's gang with 'Rocker' and Jule Dionne

Erin and Don having fun in St. Michael's, Maryland


Erin, Nat and Al at Blue Slipper Beach, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH - 1966

Family is a huge influence in Erin's life and she has been blessed with a happy, healthy, smart cast of characters, both blood relatives and close friends that she is thrilled to call her 'Clan'!!








You don't choose your family.  They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. 

~Desmond Tutu