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kate tabner
05-18-2011 6:01:36 AM CST

Erin This is such a great website and a work of love!! I am so sorry that we can't join you for your birthday (those darn kids always muck up my social life), but please know that we are thinking of you and wishing you Happy Birthday!! I have so enjoyed getting to know you and work with you and look forward to many more years. Best, Kate and Michael (and Samantha, Nicholas and Walker)

Per Lindstrand   perlindstrand@hotmail.com
05-18-2011 5:36:15 AM CST

Remember it is mental age that counts not biological which is why you and me will never get older than 28 !!! The pic is the Dehli aerostat,the world's largest

Bob and Ann Cooper   abcooper2587@sbcglobal.net
05-17-2011 9:47:19 PM CST
What a sweet website! Tried to send Erin a message but it didn't seem to get in the line-up. Please give her our love and best wishes - what a lovely spirit! Bob and Ann Cooper

Kim Miller
05-17-2011 7:41:52 PM CST
Happy Birthday Erin! I see you're livin the dream :-) Great website! Peace Love & Happiness for your next 50. Best to you always, Kim

Leslie Jones   leslie@ljai.com
05-17-2011 3:46:17 PM CST
Dearest Er, Wishing you the best 50th birthday and remember my mother said her 50's were her best decade so that is positive! I am so glad we ave reconnected in the past few years with the formation of the "Muthas of Invention" and am on a campaign for a European tour next year. Perhaps in honor of your birthday? Stay cool and miss you! Your friend, Leslie

Natalie & Ken   natalie@blicktribe.net
05-17-2011 3:13:16 PM CST
Erin, Happy birthday to a wonderful cousin and friend. You are one of the happiest people we know. 50 is a great age. Hope to see you and John this summer at Brian and Irene's wedding. Happy, happy birthday. Love, Natalie and Ken

Trish & Jim   athertoninn@gmail.com
05-17-2011 1:23:14 PM CST

Life has been so much sweeter since you came to our doorstep and into our lives a few wonderful years ago. We are so blessed to have met and known you and John and wish you a FABULOUS 50th darling. Cheers from Jim and Tricheepoo at Atherton Inn B&B.

Ron Taryle   rwt-cpa@cox.net
05-17-2011 12:46:19 PM CST
Dear Erin I know that you'll enjoy a most memorable, happy, and joyous birthday! By now, I'm sure you've been told that the first 50 are the toughest! Ron (Holly's dear friend)

Joe Suarez   jtnsuarez@aol.com
05-17-2011 12:38:53 PM CST

Erin: Happy Birthday!!! Though I don't get to see you and John near enough, you both are always in my thoughts with a smile. May this day represent many more days and years of good times, good health, good friends and best wishes. All the best, Joe Suarez

Frank Franke   ff@luftfahrtohnegrenzen.de
05-17-2011 12:14:30 PM CST
Who's the jerk who misspelled my name??!!!

Pat Barry & Frank Frake   pbarry32@yahoo.com
05-17-2011 12:10:17 PM CST

Ernie, all the best from two of your oldest friends!!!

Pat Barry & Frank Frake   pbarry32@yahoo.com
05-17-2011 12:10:05 PM CST

Gerrit Lydecker   lydecker@optonline.net
05-17-2011 9:17:37 AM CST
Dear Erin, When in Wolfboro, we always hope to see you. You are certainly the big delight of our visits there at John Murray's home. Have a wonderful birthday and we hope to see you in August. Lots of love, Gerrit and Brenda

Deane Lanphear   dlanphear@myfairpoint.net
05-17-2011 8:07:21 AM CST
Erin - I almost feel that I know you...must be your mother's influence. Half a century, but remember "You're only as old as you feel". And, if it's any help, my older daughter is 51! Have a very happy day, your fiftieth WILL be special! Best, Deane Lanphear

Andrew Napier   andrew@aanapier.com
05-17-2011 7:53:51 AM CST
Hi Erin, having not seen you for some time I find it hard to think that you are now 50! How time flies. Happy birthday ... and celebrate in style! All best, Andrew

Susie Hopper   susieehopper@gmail.com
05-17-2011 6:38:22 AM CST
Dearest Erin - I remember sitting at dinner with your Mom, who was visiting Minneapolis, and saying to her (with John sitting next to me), Erin has to meet John! And so the journey started. He went to Michigan, you picked him up at the airport and the rest is history. I am so happy you two have one another. There are so many things I know about you, Erin. Your amazing ability to see the best in everyone, your energy and love for the pups, your darling Smile Boxes. All things I admire! You are a fabulous friend, wife, daughter and sister/auntie. Know that I would love to be with you on your big day!! You are truly a beautiful woman inside and out. One of the finest!!! Love to you, always, Susie

Laura Libner   Loralarpugluv@gmail.com
05-17-2011 6:30:05 AM CST

Have a terrific birthday Erin! I've heard so many wonderful things about you!

Kay and Peter Shumway   shumwaykay5@gmail.com
05-17-2011 4:45:39 AM CST
Dear Erin, Happy Birthday!!! At least your times at Moose MOuntain Lodge didn't do you in. The mountain almost got you once with the most incredible black eye and bumps and bruises. So happy to see that you are still as beautiful as you were before the fall. You were an amazing sport about it and we love you and your spirit. I hope you will let us know when and if you come to the Lake. We are free to come and go now so we could come over to see you there. Lots and Lots of Love, Kay and Peter

Dale&Pia   pia.anderson@gantswiss.com
05-17-2011 12:31:02 AM CST
Happy Birthday Erin, wishing you continous success in your life filled with lots of love and laughter and tons of humour! you got it all and make it work! Still remember our first meeting in the mockingbird house many moons ago... you are georgous and we are so honoured to know you! love, Pia&Dale-Verbier&Arizona

Art Geuss   artgeussjr@hotmail.com
05-16-2011 11:58:27 PM CST

Erin, I have the warmest memories of pleasant times meeting and visiting you both in Arizona and in Verbier and wanted to wish you the very best on your special birthday. My pic attached was of one of my recent birthdays here at home in Alaska. On my 50th I got to wear a bright yellow visor with large lettering "50 is NIFTY" So the end of the "lst half" all smiles and my sincere best wishes for a wonderful birthday !!!

Phil and Betsy Lovell
05-16-2011 10:11:32 PM CST
Erin, Happy Birthday to you! This is so much fun for us to see and review your first 50 years. Keep up the everpresent smile and sense of fun. We love you. Betsy and Phil

Finn Moller
05-16-2011 3:15:54 PM CST
Happy Birthday fromz; Coleen & Bob Hoover and Patricia & Finn Moller All the VERY best!!

Jocelyn & Nigel Simpson   ntsimpson@jerseymail.co.uk
05-16-2011 2:00:59 PM CST
Dear Erin, With our very best wishes from the distant shores of Jersey for a very special and stupendously wonderful birthday celebration full of laughter and fun, mixed with the sound of popping champagne corks (no doubt many!). Lots of love, Jocelyn & Nigel

05-16-2011 11:08:45 AM CST
Happy Birthday Dear Erin! You are FAB at 50! I'll be toasting you on your special day. Hugs, Marsha

Kiki and Jim
05-15-2011 5:00:15 PM CST
Dear Friend, I am so glad we found each other here in Minnesota. You are a dear to us both and we love the laughter you bring into our lives. May your birthday be filled with wonderful surprises. Happy Fabulous 5o!!! and Happy Birthday to a forever friend. XOXOXO Kiki and Jim

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